There are lots of wonderful teachers out there.  There are lots of styles of yoga and other forms of movement.  What makes Julie’s Yoga for Real People worth trying?

Yoga is traditionally about combining awareness, breath and movement to prepare the body for meditation, which requires focus and concentration.   This, hopefully,  brings with it a sense of clarity and wholeness in the self, and then extends to a sense of unity with the rhythms of nature and the world.  

At first glance, this seems like a really lofty goal!  Something meant for only certain types of people.   But in Yoga for Real People, instead of worrying about the endgame, we take time to explore the body, breath and mind with great curiosity.  We don’t worry about making the picture perfect magazine cover pose, we move with awareness and allow our bodies to unfold into the shape that works for us.  We practice different ways of breathing to help us calm the nervous system and we spend some time in relaxation, allowing the integration of the practices between body and brain.

The movements can be subtle at times, the use of props is encouraged to help us find stability and we are always encouraged to move slowly,  with awareness and never bring pain/harm to ourselves.  We treat the body with gentleness and yet we become stronger and more flexible, balance increases and we find these outcomes extend to our lives in general, not just on the mat.

Julie’s philosophy is to treat the body as a treasured friend, to be nurtured and appreciated for its uniqueness.  We gently challenge but never punish the body.  We engage the brain (yes, there is a neuroscience connection), we engage the breath, we focus the mind and we learn about ourselves.  We grow in physical and mental fitness, as a result, and we become more resilient in life.  It is this resilience that helps us to cope with the ups and downs and stresses of normal life.

Think of yoga with Julie as a time for self-care.  Life is busy, yes, but life can be richer, and fuller when we give ourselves some time each week to tune in to and care for ourselves.

Julie offers many class options, including various lengths and times, as well as online, in-person and on-demand options.  If you are brand new to this or unsure, you may wish to dip your toes in the water and start with the Rebalance series, which is a 3 week, in-person session, with a maximum of 4 students.

Check out the Yoga Schedule page for details or email Julie: or text 705-927-5499

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