Inspired Fridays, what are they? Since the inception of Inspired Health and Wellness, we knew that we needed to “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk” when it came to looking after our physical and mental health. It’s all well and good to provide a space for clients to look after themselves but we also need to make our own self-care a priority. All work and no play makes us tired, cranky and uninspired. About once a month we treat ourselves to a day, which usually ends up being a half day, when we visit a local restaurant, go for a walk, try something new, and get our creative juices flowing. This is the time when we treat ourselves to experiences that feed our souls and allow us to unwind: a delicious scone from Primrose Lane Tea Room, a scrumptious cookie from Mickaël’s Cafe in Omemee, a hearty bowl of soup from Soupcon in Peterborough, a visit to Zimart, a walk in the woods, a run on the trail, a kayak on Pigeon River.

When we open to these simple pleasures, we experience a feeling of lightness, ease, and yes, inspiration. The ideas flow, the excitement rises, we brainstorm, discuss, make lists and move forward with excitement and freshness.

In fact, these Fridays have been going on long before Inspired Health and Wellness even existed. It is through our time spent together over the years, two friends walking and talking, that our interest in essential oils gained momentum and we began to dream of ways to better serve our clients.

We strongly encourage you to employ your own version of an Inspired Friday to relax and renew, and who knows? Perhaps in the future you may be invited to participate in one of our Inspired Fridays; we’d love to hear what inspires you.

Stay tuned to see what Inspired Friday inspires next!

The Inspired Space