Qigong & Cultivating Stillness

(Mr. Moy Lin Shin’s version of meditation)

We will guide participants in the practice of simple Qigong movements and aspects of Cultivating Stillness. This program will delve into these topics through guided practice. The goal is to let participants experience how to use Qigong and Cultivating Stillness to strengthen their well-being through simple movement and stress reduction. It is perfect for anyone.

Tom & Valerie

Tai Chi for Life

Choose one of two programs times:

Evening Program

Tues –  6:00 to 7:30            27 Oct – 17 Dec         Cost: $100                (9 sessions)

Afternoon Program

Thur –  1:30 to 3:00             31 Oct – 19 Dec        Cost: $90                   (8 sessions)

We have teamed with Inspired Health and Wellness. The Inspired Space is for health and wellness.
Visit their website at www.inspiredhealthandwellness.ca

Location:       Inspired Health and Wellness

                        1467 Chemong Road

                        Peterborough ON K9J 6X3

                        (at Chemong RV south of McLeod’s Ecowater)

Tom Daly & Valerie Way-Nee

The Inspired Space