Holistic Facial

My deep interest in Yoga and Ayurveda has led me to custom design each facial from a holistic perspective. This means looking not just at the skin, but taking a mind, body, spirit approach to restore balance, achieve true beauty and maintain results.

Every client is unique, having individual goals and/or concerns for their skin.  A customized facial allows for options in protocols and products, in order to best address goals, and achieve desired results. We will discuss your nature and goals and work together, in spa and at home, to bring and maintain the skin in a state of balance.

This will include a consultation, skin care products, routines, a home care plan but may also include facial massage, aromatherapy, Accupressure points, meditation, etc. Service enhancements may also be recommended/added to further address specific goals. Please see below for a list of Facial Enhancements.

1 hour – $80
Add eye mask only- $12

Your face tells your story; let it be one of health, vitality and inner beauty.

Injection-free Facial Enhancements 

For targeted results.  Choose up to 2 per facial.

Eye Treatment–soothe, soften and relieve puffiness $25

Lip Treatment–soothe and plump $25

Sinus Relief Massage  $25

Anti-Wrinkle Spot Treatment $25

Collagen Support Gold Face Mask $20

Minimize pores  $20

After Sun Care $15

Eyelash Lift and Tint

Do you love the look of longer, darker lashes without the use of mascara?   With the lift/tint your natural lashes are “permed” up and tinted to appear longer while still looking natural.

90 minutes – $70
Tint only – $20 (upper lashes)

* Add an eyebrow wax to any facial – $12


“I have been going to Julie for facials just about every month for many years. I work outside all year and have found Julie’s advice and care, especially beneficial for my very sensitive skin. Her eyebrow waxing is awesome too! I can highly recommend Julie’s esthetician services!”
Tracey, Peterborough

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